Black panther has a 100% rating after they deleted all negative reviews claiming they’re all “Racist trolls”

With Marvel’s new Black Panther movie coming out in theaters, the reaction from social justice warriors and the Jleft have been astounding. Who would have thought that a shitty soy boy super hero movie would become an instant cult classic? hENOpVM.jpg

Rotten Tomatoes, a known leftist film review website has come under fire time and time again for censoring reviews that go against the leftist narrative. They’ve done it again this time citing possible “Racist trolls” Aka anyone who doesnt like this shit movie. 4MVPZqO.jpg

The funniest part, if you can get past the We Wuz Kangz element is they are pushing the same ideas pushed by nationalists across the board. Of course its not ok to have these same exact ideas if you are white, that would be dangerous hate speech of course…

Black panther being a good movie is like the holocaust, its so true that they better disallow people to question itC5xxBdm.png

Lets #MakeWakandaGreatAgain 5a7.jpg




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