Richard Spencer selected as finalist in Dallas Morning News Texan of the Year

Richard Spencer has been selected by the Dallas Morning News as one of the finalists for Texan of the year. In a shocking and bold move by the Dallas Morning News this Thursday they announced that Richard Spencer would be one of 10 Finalists for most influential of the year. This can hardly be argued with Spencers speeches and events bringing massive international news coverage and world wide recognition.

“Yee-haw! I definitely want to win,” Richard Spencer told The Washington Times when reached for comment.

Morning News has come under heavy fire for offering Mr. Spencer this esteemed spot on the list with many left wing activists claiming they are offering him a platform for his controversial ideas they disagree with. The Morning News replied to these allegations with a very reasonable response:

“Like many other Person of the Year projects, our editorial board has always striven to highlight the most influential figures, even if their influence was negative,” said the Morning News. “You may recall that the Texan of the Year in 2007 was the ‘Illegal Immigrant,’ a topic desperately deserving of conversation that year. If you have a moment to read the editorial about Spencer, I believe you will see that this is in no way a platform for racism.”


Dallas Morning News says it will announce its 2017 Texan of the Year at the end of the month and its sure to be a interesting result.

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