Explosion Hits Subway Line Under Port Authority Bus Terminal

Another terrorist bomber has hit the islamic sanctuary known as New York City. Will their leftist mayor do anything but sit and look on?

Probably Not.

The biggest cuck in New York

New York City police and fire department responded to an explosion near the A and E trains in the subways below the Port Authority Bus Terminal at 7:19 a.m. Monday morning. What did they find? A crazed wannabe Jihadi and a failed pipe bomb.

Terrorist Scum Bag Akayed Wannaboogahooga

This jokers name was Akayed Ullah and he is now (Thank the lord) in custody. A big fan of ISIS, he made the bomb last week at his apartment in Brooklyn.

Fortunately for New York residents, this goat diddler didn’t get far before triggering himself. According to sources he fell to the ground immediately after blowing up the pipe bomb and only ended up harming himself.

BOOM! Get screwed terrorist scum! 

Its only a matter of time until another successful radical islamic terrorist attack. We need to crack down and Trumps travel ban is only the start. ISIS just a few weeks ago released this propaganda

ISIS Propaganda released a few weeks ago


ISIS is increasingly turning to lone-wolf supporters to take up its violent cause around the world. We must be vigilant and we must take action.

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