Supreme court approves and will now enforce Trump Travel Ban


With a staggeringly massive judicial victory, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday ruled in favor of our President Trump’s travel ban for residents of six majority-Muslim countries. It has been officially ruled that the policy can take full effect despite multiple legal challenges against it. The ban in its most recent form applies to people from Syria, Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. Trump’s travel ban has been challenged by many leftists in separate lawsuits by Hawaii and the American Civil Liberties Union, now they have been finally shut down.

This is a huge victory for the white house and Donald Trump. For those who tried to fight so hard an unconstitutional hindrance to the ban, know that now the President and future presidents have been empowered by the decision to allow Trumps ban to move forward. Good luck finding a precedent to block a ban on people in the future morons.

As for that Hawaii judge, he should resign in shame knowing that he unlawfully compromised the national security of the United States. He acted in an unconstitutional manner causing great damage and injury to the American people and it should be repaid 100 fold.

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