Unite The Right rally organizer plans sequel

White nationalist and one of the Charlottesville rally organizers Jason Kessler says he has formally applied to hold another demonstration on the one-year anniv​ersary of the August 12th Unite The Right rally. 

The second rally dubbed “Back to C-ville” will be held on the same days and will likely not be heavily attended as most on the right see him as a fraud and a cheat. 

If the organization and execution of the events in Charlottesville are any sign of what’s to be expected at this demonstration it will likely be disastrous. 

He describes the event as a “Two day festival” which brings musical performances to mind. Kessler has referenced holding right wing music festivals in the past, is this the fruition of that plan? Remains to be seen

Whatever the case may be, Meme Alert News will be on the scene live with unbiased unedited live streams of the events. 


  1. Eh, Kessler may be naive but he isn’t a communist.

    All communists should be killed.

    Better not to show up at the event, but show up at the staging point for the commie scum, and retailiate against their violence on their property, or follow them home and deal with them.

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