Trump ends the war on Christmas this year with his fab new decorations

The charm and patriotic quaint style of the christmas season comes to the White House most years, but our American 45th president Donald Trump had promised the American nation more than twinkling light covered ceilings and decked halls. As a candidate and winner on the campaign trail, he pledged to end the very real and leftist funded War on Christmas.OMG! Looks like its a White Christmas at the white house this year…

Ever since the Commie Obama-Nation Got rid of the Christmas Spirit at the white house in favor of PC Politically Correct first amendment freaks who hate white holidays and christians…

Not only is Trump going to make america great again, he will make CHRISTMAS great again this year with these utterly fantastic decorations! Makes me proud to be an American to see the white house covered in these classical American decorations. 

A beautiful centerpiece crafted of bronze and steel and shellacked with a two foot caulking gun. I bet Melania did it herself, what class!

Thanks Trump for making christmas great again!

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