MDMA: The love drug hated by the system

snow.jpgSnow was falling down into the streets of Charlottesville Virginia casting shadows through through the street lights. I was listening to the crisp crunch of snow under my boots as walked hand in hand with a girl I fancied at the time. I could feel and electric pulse between our touching palms moving all through my body, warming my very core (despite the freezing weather). In that moment I no longer felt guilty, like a shell. I could see myself for what I really was, and I liked it. That was the first time I took MDMA, but by no means my last.

MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy or “molly” is a psychoticoactive drug that when taken internallyl causes feelings of empathy, euphoria, and heightened sensation for 6 to 8 hours. It is highly illegal in the U.S. Despite it’s many medical uses researchers have to jump through impossible hoops and pay fees of sometimes upwords of $40,000 just to run tests using it. The media and global elite have run a campaign of fear and misinformation painting MDMA as a bizzare child of acid and meth. I was even taught in high school that uses it just once was like taking an ice cream scoop out of my brain.

The society stigma scared me away from it for a long time, but after my first experience I knew something deeper was at hand. I felt maybe I had opened a door the elites coudn’t open themselfs, maybe they don’t want us to open these doors because we might find something they havent found yet. I spent years trying every drug under the sun (even some of the most despicable shit) and nothing ever felt as real and even valuable the way MDMA does.

In 2014 the Multidisciplinary Associaton for Psychedlic Studys tested the use of MDMA for treatment of PTSD. In over 70 percent of the cases the paitents felt the MDMA had put them in a state of esse long after tge drug had wore off. One women was quoted as saying

“I witnessed the violent death of my husband in 2012. Mdma assisted psychotherapy illuminated dark recceses in my heart and mind and gave me the courage and compassion to heal”

Because MDMA increases confidence and trust in ones self the drug allows people suffering with Ptsd to reflect on there trauma with a fear reaction. Basically it stops people from being triggered and allows them to look at things from a perspective of learning and personal growth.

In Phase 2 of the trials by MAPS, out of 107 participents 67% didn’t qualify for a ptsd diagnosis after a guided MDMA session.

So why is that MDMA is so hated, stigmatized and repressed. Media stories of teenagers dying almost all ways with A LOT of other contributing factors  are labled as “Molly deaths”. Its true that MDMA has some side effects, but it’s true that with proper education and harm reduction they can be eliminated. Until we have that it will stay a taboo, snorted up by teenagers who have no idea there in for the ride of their life, straight into their destiny.


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