Rest In Peace Charles Manson

After serving 9 life terms and being denied bail 12 times Charles Manson has passed away of natural causes. Born to a single 16 year old mother and abandoned several times  Charlie’s life was formed around a strong sense of self worth and reliance. From early life to eventual death he spent a great deal of time locked behind bars, in this state he developed a thought form that would later sweep the nation alarming and shaking the very values of “reality”.

Despite Charlie’s demonization by the lame stream media his teaching consisted solely of self reliance and a return to the natural order of the earth. His imprisonment, due to a few followers of his committing violent acts (all of which Manson disavowed), was a direct attack on freedom of thought and speech. The idea that thoughts can be so dangerous because of what they might inspire is the basis of which Manson was locked away on.

Even after Charlie’s death his image stills lives on reminding us that some ideas can be so dangerous the very thinkers themselves can be locked up, their legacy shrouded in lies by a constant smear campaign. So goodbye Charlie, thanks for the music, the talks, the art work and overall the undying print you left on the so called land of the free.



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